We provide a wide range of services in development and maintenance websites built on WordPress.

There are next general schemes in developing websites:

  1. Proto2Wordpress – you provide prototypes (schematic images of all pages), text, images. We design, do layout, gather everything on the WordPress platform and install it on your domain.
  2. Psd2Wordpress – you provide a layout in psd format, we convert it into html, put it on Worpdress, install and configure on your domain.
  3. WordressExpress – you choose a theme in one of the digital theme shops, provide a complete description and the structure of the website and its content. We buy for you theme, set it up on your domain, configure, upload content.

The types of tasks which are often addressed to us:

  • Update WordPress (so it is not broke)
  • Correct the mobile website version
  • Install and setup theme on domain
  • To help deal with the site / admin panel / plug-in
  • Perform the site optimization (with given technical docementation)
  • Reduce website load speed
  • Optimize website for Google Webmasters