Wordpress outsourcing
for Agencies and Business

  • Fast task closing
    Small tasks are closing on the day of request
  • Quality control
    You get only tested result
  • Moneyback guarantee
    If you do not like the result we will return your money
Last completed tasks
Task Time Cost
Upadte Wordpress 2 h 50$
Set up contact form 1 h 25$
Make website from psd 3 days 350$
Install and setup multylingual plugin 4 h 100$
Install Wordpress and Premium theme on hosting 5 h 125$

How we work

Set a task

In 30 minutes our manager will contact you and will make clear the details

Make payment

After recieving payment we start working on your task at once

Accept the result

Look through the result, and confirm task closing.

Set a task

You will get your task estimate in 30 minutes